Israeli Military Strikes Hamas Tunnel, Boats in Gaza

The Israeli military on Wednesday struck a Hamas tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, as well as two boats belonging to the organization’s naval forces.

Palestinian media reported that a training compound belonging to Hamas’ military wing and two boats in the Gaza seaport were targeted in the strike. According to Palestinian reports, the targeted boats were due to depart from the port in an attempt to break the naval blockade on the Strip.

Local residents reported hearing three explosions at the port. A fire broke out at the scene, which rescue forces were working to extinguish.

There were no casualties in the incident, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

The strikes were in response to Tuesday’s events when a group of about ten Palestinian approached the border fence near Rafah, according to the Israeli army. Despite the army’s high alert, the group managed to cut through the fence and reach an outpost set up for Israeli snipers due to recent border protests.

The outpost was empty at the time and the Palestinian managed to set it on fire. Afterwards they returned to Gaza. The army claims they were aware of the event as it was happening, however, it is unclear why the army would permit them to cross and damage the outpost.

An Israeli army tank fired Tuesday on a Hamas outpost in response to the incident.

This is not the first time Palestinians manage to infiltrate into Israel. In one incident at the end of March, three Palestinians armed with grenades and knives entered Israel and were arrested more than 12 miles inside Israeli territory, near the Tze’elim army base in the south. Days earlier, four Palestinians had illegally crossed the border trying to set fire to military vehicles.

In the West Bank, Israeli security forces arrested Tuesday overnight four Palestinians  suspected of terrorist activities and violent rioting against citizens and security personnel.

IDF also seized several thousands worth of funds reportedly used for terrorist activities, as well as homemade weapons, while combing the West Bank town of Rantis.


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