‘EU impressed at Turkey’s educating Syrian children’

A top EU enlargement official on Thursday lauded Turkey’s work to educate over a half-million Syrian children.

A delegation led by Maciej Popowski, the EU’s deputy director general for neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations, visited the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Education Center, an EU-supported training center for Syrian children in the capital Ankara’s Altindag district.

Some 1,100 Syrian kids are receiving education at the center under the EU-sponsored PICTES Project.

“Turkey’s Education Ministry has done a very special job for them. We are so impressed at what Turkey has done for 600,000 Syrian kids over the last two years,” Popowski said.

“What we saw was so impressive. We thank all who work for this project to be a success story,” he added.

“We are here to discuss future projects with Turkish officials as well. We hope these kinds of projects will continue.”

Source: Anadolu

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