Egypt’s Sisi: US embassy move to Jerusalem will lead to instability

In first public comment on the issue Egypt’s President Abdelfattah al-Sisi said on Wednesday that the US embassy move to Jerusalem would lead to instability.

In a live broadcast of “Ask the President” initiative, as part of his fifth conference with the country’s youth in the capital Cairo, Sisi answered questions on many current issues.

“On the move of the US Embassy, we have said this issue will have negative repercussions on Arab and Islamic public opinion and leads to a kind of dissatisfaction and some instability, and will have repercussions on the Palestinian cause,” Sisi said.

During the third session of the conference, Sisi commented on several questions raised by the Egyptian public, including the rise of oil prices in light of tensions with Iran, the Dam dispute with Ethiopia, the war against terror and the need for moderate religious speech.

Sisi said that a rise in the prices of oil barrels is expected if the situation escalates with Iran, but said he would be more concerned about the intensified terror attacks as war and conflicts breed further violence.

The Egyptian president called for a peaceful political solution to all conflicts, asking Egyptians to back efforts that support unity and stability of their country.

Sisi also spoke on progress going on with parties involved to reach a solution regarding the Dam issues and said that he has invited Ethiopian PM to visit Cairo for further talks.


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