Egypt president Sisi says in talks with Palestinians, Israel

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday urged Israel and the Palestinians to abstain from further steps that could lead to more Palestinian deaths, following Monday’s deadly violence on the Gaza-Israel border.

Israel has come under international pressure after its border forces on Monday killed some 60 Palestinians protesting against the transfer the same day of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

“I hope that this message reaches our Palestinian brothers that self-expression and protest over this decision does not lead them to measures that could lead to more victims,” Sisi said.

“On the other side, I hope that the Israelis understand that the Palestinian reactions towards this issue are legitimate and that they deal with it with extreme care over the lives of Palestinians,” he added.

Speaking in a live youth conference on state TV, Sisi spoke on Egypt’s role in the conflict, stating its previous peace efforts, saying that Egypt was in communication with both sides “so that this bloodshed would stop”.

The Egyptian president said he had previously warned that the US embassy move “will have negative implications in the Arab and Muslim public opinion”.

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in seven weeks of protests, mainly from Israeli sniper fire.

Arab foreign ministers are to hold an “extraordinary” meeting Thursday in Cairo to discuss their future steps over the issue.


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