Dubai Airports rolls out cloud-based information displays

Dubai Airports has worked with Samsung Electronics and Airportlabs to install a cloud-based flight information display solution at Dubai International and Dubai World Central.

The company says the project was undertaken to replace a “fragmented system”. The upgraded solution, which features Samsung’s System on Chip (SoC) display technology, allows Dubai Airports to operate the information displays without external PCs, which it says has already seen a reduction in the airports’ electrical footprint and operational costs.

Using the technology, the airports can change screen layouts for specific zones from mobile devices or the control room. The system also allows for collaborative content management, giving airlines, ground handlers and other service providers some level of control in managing content such as branding, passenger advisories, operational messaging, flight information and advertising.

Michael Ibbitson, executive vice president of technology and infrastructure at Dubai Airports, said: “As the world’s busiest international airport that is operating at nearly full capacity, we understand that the most efficient way to accommodate growth without physically expanding the infrastructure is by deploying smart technologies and enhancing processes. Information and communication are critical elements of airport operations and we are positive this new display system will go a long way in helping us deliver a smooth experience consistently for the millions of customers that pass through our airports each year.”


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