Azerbaijan, Poland have great potential to develop economic ties [PHOTO]

Azerbaijan and Poland have significant potential for developing economic ties, Director of the DOSTLIK Association Tomasz Tomaszewski said at a business meeting of Polish and Azerbaijani companies in Baku on May 17.

He said the meeting was specially organized in Baku, so that businessmen could discuss possible cooperation in B2B format.

“There is a huge potential for development of economic ties between Poland and Azerbaijan. Today’s meeting, mainly attended by companies engaged in the agricultural sector, will strengthen the bilateral trade cooperation. A number of Polish companies will present their proposals for cooperation and present their products,” he said.

The Polish-Azerbaijani business meeting “Agro-contact, agro-production, agriculture and logistics” has today kicked off in Baku.

The organizers are the DOSTLIK Association, which was established on the initiative of Teto-Leder of Poland, as well as companies from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the Azerbaijani Caspian Business Alliance. Six Polish companies, engaged in sectors of food, agriculture, seed production, crop production and logistics, are taking part in the forum.


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