WATCH: Mummification of most beautiful camel in Saudi Arabia

About three months after her death, footage of the most beautiful camel in Saudi Arabia has emerged on social media platforms showing the process of its mummification.

Because of the camel’s attractive features, such as her fur or expressive face, it was decided that she would be mummified.

Khuzama the camel won numerous awards in the beauty stage and its price exceeded $8 million dollars, equivalent to thirty million Saudi Riyals. Despite an offering of this extravagant sum to the camel’s owner, Nasser bin Mubarak bin Qurei al-Brik, he refused to sell it.

In February, the Saudi camel club, al-Ebel club, announced their desire to mummify the deceased camel and display it at their museum. They also asked for al-Birk’s permission to transfer Khuzama to the club’s headquarters.

However, al-Birk confirmed in a recent statement to Sabaq newspaper that the King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival management had asked first to mummify Khuzama after her death.



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