Report: 23 Palestinians killed in Syria last month

Twenty-three Palestinians were killed in Syria during March, according to the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, a London-based human rights watchdog that monitors the situation of Palestinian refugees in the country.

The group said on Sunday that 15 of the victims were killed by gunfire, while seven died as a result of bombardment. One Palestinian died as a result of lack of medical treatment, it added.

At least 18 of the Palestinian victims were killed in the Syrian capital of Damascus and its suburbs, the group added. It said two were killed in the Dera’a refugee camp in southern Syria, while it remained unclear where three others had died.

The group published the names and photos of the Palestinians who died in Syria last month.

According to the human rights group’s figures, 3,685 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the civil war in Syria seven years ago. They include 467 women.

Another 1,673 Palestinians remain in government-controlled prisons. They include 106 women.

The group pointed out that Yarmouk, one of the biggest Palestinian refugee camps near Damascus, has been under siege by the Syrian army and its allies in the Palestinian terror group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — General Command, for more than 1,700 days.

Another group, Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights, said in a report that 90 percent of Palestinians in Syria lack food security and are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The group put the unemployment rate among Palestinians in Syria at 52%.

According to statistics released by various human rights groups, tens of thousands of Palestinians have fled Syria since the beginning of the civil war.


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