Red Sea Mall Bags the Jeddah Creative Awards for Tourism and Entertainment Initiative

Red Sea Mall bagged the Jeddah Creative Award in its first cycle under the theme of “How to be a leader”, for the Tourism and Entertainment Initiative Category. Red Sea Mall was selected among 24 out of 320 initiatives to win the category as a major touristic front in Jeddah. The initiative aims to welcome Jeddah community, tourists, and pilgrims with an expected number of visitors reaching 20 million per year in the coming years.

The Initiative’s efforts in developing the city of Jeddah were showcased at the King Faisal Conference Center over the course of 3 days, March 12 until 14 2018, then moved to Red Sea Mall during March 13 until 17 2018. The initiative presented by Red Sea Mall aims to contribute to the development of the entertainment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mall intends to cater to the needs of the local community in one location, in which it was capable of creating various job opportunities within many sectors, and more particularly the retail sector.

Aidrous Al Bar, Executive Member of Red sea Markets Ltd. owning company of Red Sea Mall, expressed his pride in winning such a prestigious award in its first cycle and stated: “Red Sea Mall is considered a touristic front that incorporates the 4 elements of tourism (shopping, hotels, entertainment, and restaurants). Through this diversity, our goal is to contribute to the needs of the local community through offering all services under one roof serviced by many retailers that offer visitors diversified options. The mall was successful at generating job opportunities for many sectors, and specifically the retail sector, which played a part in elevating the Saudi Economy and positively affected the community. Through uplifting the mall as a touristic front, it allowed for investments to roll in and create a diverse economy. The mall’s reputation is renowned due to the many events and initiatives that take place, with more than 450 per year”.

“The mall went through an expansion to accommodate the growth in the retail sector, featuring the most modern facilities to meet the needs of the city’s residents and visitors, in line with achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030 by adding programs and initiatives that support making the city a touristic hub. The initiative showcased creativity, uniqueness, and excellence in ideas, content and selected target audience. Innovation was demonstrated in specifying locations for gardens, as well as covered ventilated seating areas spanning an area of 1,300 meters. It also displayed the ground floor with a space of 3,800 meters as a restaurant area, in addition to the space of the first floor covering 3,900 meters as well as a parking space as big as 9,000 meters”, Al Bar added.

The award includes 7 categories that encompass educational, technical, cultural, and developmental initiatives. It also encompasses initiatives in tourism and entertainment in addition to individual, commercial, and investment initiatives, along with company initiatives. The award’s goal is to inspire innovative people while building their initiatives and spreading its culture across all of society’s groups. Furthermore, it aims to achieve full development in the region and investment in cultural and innovative groups, as well as to commemorate exceptional initiatives with a vision to elevate Jeddah as an innovator.

“The Retail sector in the Kingdom has witnessed an increase in demand, as well as an increase in rental spaces, which assured us that this industry is in constant development and continuous effort to expand the business network. This, in turn, contributed to elevating the Saudi Economy and impacted the community in a positive manner. We are expecting that the number of mall visitors to reach 20 million per year in the coming years”, concluded Al Bar.

About Red Sea Mall:
Red Sea Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers at Jeddah City; it is located at the northern suburbs on Malik Road. The mall is built on a land size of 199,000 square meters. The mall total built up area is 377,200 square meters, having Three (3) levels of Shopping and two 7 Stories towers one as a five-star hotel and second as office Tower, with external, underground and 6 stories of car park areas totaling to 122,000 square meters for around 4,000 parking space. All of which are linked to the 18 entrances of the mall thus facilitating easy access to the mall.
Red Sea Mall has chosen specialized designers to provide all the required services to its visitors, so they can enjoy pleasant shopping trips. Moreover, Red Sea Mall is a blend of international and local brands, has variety options of restaurants, cafes, and diners, and provide entertainment to the youth and children.

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