Armenia is named the most anti-Semitic country.

In comparison to other countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe, Armenia has the lowest rate of willingness to accept Jews, Gypsy and Muslims as their family members, neighbors or compatriots.
Only a quarter of respondents in Armenia are ready to have a Jew as a member of their family. Concerning Muslims the rate was even worse – 5 percents among Orthodox inhabitants of the country. Approximately 1 in 10 people is ready to see a Gypsy as a member of the family.
These are the results of the poll by Pew Research Centre, held in 18 countries in 17 languages. More than 25 thousand people took part in the interviews.
Armenia is the only country of 18 countries in the region, in which the percent of population, who doesn’t want to see Jews as their compatriots, is over 30%. In Lithuania (23%) and Romania (22%) the level of rejection of Jews is also high.
The most loyal countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe are Ukraine (5%), Bulgaria (7%), Serbia (7%), Latvia (9%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (8%) and Croatia (9%).
According to the survey, the level of acceptance of Jews is generally higher in the region than the level of acceptance of Muslims. At the same time there are certain differences in how major Christian groups treat these minorities.
For example, Catholics would more readily accept Jews to their family than Orthodox, while the number of Orthodox ready to accept Muslims as their compatriots and neighbors is higher than the number of Catholics.
The survey was held June 2015 – July 2016 by Pew Research Centre. Despite the prescription of the survey, its extracts were published on the website of Pew Research Center this year on March 27, in connection with the attitude to Jews in Poland, where the Holocaust law was accepted in February.



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