Azerbaijani model of youth policy

Today, the youth policy is an essential part of the state policy in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani youth play an important role and are actively represented in all spheres of public life. Thanks to the vast possibilities created by the state for youth activities, this segment of society has turned into its vanguard force.

The state’s first step in support of youth representatives was the first Forum of Azerbaijani Youth held in 1996 and its continuation as a tradition, as well as the Presidential order of February 1, 1997 on declaring February 2 the annual Day of Youth in Azerbaijan.

Order “On approval of the Azerbaijani Youth State Program (2005-2009)”, signed August 30, 2005, and the allocated budget in the amount of 8.375 million AZN, enlivened the projects and processes that involve the youth sector. Ministry of Youth and Sports was reorganized in 2006, and the country declared 2007 the “Year of Youth”.

The “State Program on the development of creative potential of talented children (youth)” in 2006 – 2010, as well as the “State program for the development of technical and vocational education in the Republic of Azerbaijan” in 2007-2012 formed close links between the state and youth.

A historic event in the youth policy of Azerbaijan is the signing of the State Program “Azerbaijani youth in 2011-2015” by President Ilham Aliyev on April 6, 2011 and the allocation of 80 million AZN, i.e. the amount which is about 10 higher than the budget of the previous program.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, within the framework of the youth policy, in order to promote activities in the field of science, education, culture and other social spheres, created the Youth Foundation, implemented the construction of youth houses in the regions. And the “Strategy of development of the Azerbaijani youth” in the years of 2015-2025 is in the development phase at this point. This brief chronology related to Azerbaijani youth policy is a bright indicator of how Azerbaijan values its youth. This indicator continues to move incrementally.

Youth population covers 28.1 % of Azerbaijan population and young people of Azerbaijan is always under great care and attention of the President Ilham Aliyev and President made youth policy as the priority sector and mainstream of the government’s strategy. The feedback of the population towards Ilham Aliyev is adequate and nearly 84,1 of the Azerbaijan Population supporting him according to sociological surveys.

Nihad Allahyarli, young leader, Azerbaijan

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