Saudi FM: We hope Qatar will return to right path, correct its mistakes

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir addressing a press conference in the US said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s talks with the US administration focused on regional issues.

Jubair said that “We have signed agreements in various fields to increase Saudi-US cooperation.”

On the political impasse with Doha on its terror links and interference in the region, he said: “We hope that Qatar will return to the right path and correct its mistakes.”

On Iran

About the Trump Administration’s new National Security Adviser John Bolton, al-Jubeir said that “Bolton is a firm man and his position on Iran is reasonable.”

Jubeir said that “Iran recruited militias in Yemen and fired missiles into Saudi Arabia. Iran must leave Yemen and respect international rules.”

“If Iran wants to have a role in the region, it must respect its neighbors,” he added.

Jubeir maintained that “the Iran nuclear deal is flawed and needs to be reviewed.”

He said that, “We had advanced discussions with the US side on peaceful use of nuclear energy.”

The Saudi Foreign Minister also said that as part of the Saudi -American talks, developments in Syria were also discussed.

Jubeir said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be heading to Boston tomorrow.



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