Saudi education minister: Muslim Brotherhood ideology ‘invaded’ our system

Saudi Education Minister Dr. Ahmed Al-Eissa confirmed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statement that the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology “invaded” the education system in the kingdom.

Eissa added that Saudi Arabia is fighting anyone who adopts this ideology or sympathizes with it.

According to Eissa, Brotherhood symbols who fled Egypt in the 1960’s and 1970’s went to Saudi Arabia where they got involved in teaching at public schools and universities thus influencing some officials, supervisors and teachers leading to the reformulating of religious curricula. They also organized students’ activities according to the Brotherhood’s “deviant” approach.

Eissa added that it wasn’t until later that they realized the threat of the Brotherhood and this is when they launched their efforts to rid the educational system of the flaws resulting from the Brotherhood’s approach.

Efforts to fight extremist ideology include reformulating educational curricula, developing school textbooks to make sure they do not include any of the Brotherhood’s ideas, ban books that are affiliated with the Brotherhood in schools and universities, expel anyone who sympathizes with the Brotherhood, its ideas and symbols from supervising or teaching positions and holding activities to raise awareness about the Brotherhood’s threats.

The minister noted that eradicating the Brotherhood’s ideology requires continuous efforts and the ministry’s vigilance, adding that the ministry’s officials, university principals and education officials are aware that they must not be lenient when combating this ideology.



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