John Bolton, “a war hawk” who supports Azerbaijan returns to the White House

On Monday, President of U.S. Trump announced the new National Security Adviser.

John Bolton, U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN is going to assume this post. He will start to work on April 9, as Donald Trump wrote on twitter.

Bolton will replace General Herbert McMaster. The American leader has long declared about his imminent retirement. It was noted that the President was dissatisfied with McMaster’s “too rigorous approach and his long, extraneous briefings”.

Bolton was representing his country in UN in 2005-2006. He was also a candidate to the post of U.S Secretary of State in 2016.

Meduza edition notes that people like John Bolton are used to be called “a war hawk” or a supporter of “the war party”, he insists on escalation of conflicts and advocates for military solution of international issues. Bolton, 69, was working on insignificant positions even during the preiod of Richard Nickson. He was serving as a Deputy Secretary in Bureau of International Organization Affairs when George H.W. Bush came to office, and had a major impact on the foreign policy of USA. It is believed that he made efforts to adopt the resolution on the use of armed force against Iraq, for Saddam Hussain’s invasion of Kuwait.

Bolton is well-known in South Caucasus. In particular, he called on U.S. to provide more support for Azerbaijan. In 2011 he advised Barack Obama to pay special attention to South Caucasus. In his view, USA should not allow Russia to regain influence in this region.

Bolton referred to the words of Vladimir Putin that the dissolution of the USSR was the biggest tragedy of the XX Century. He noted that Putin’s words are directly related to South Caucasus with a desire to keep this region in the spheres of influence of Moscow.

It is important that Bolton stressed that USA has to support Azerbaijan in the Karabakh issue, because there is the third side in this conflict – Azerbaijan, Armenia and pro-Armenian Russia.


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