Iraq vows to secure Sinjar boarder region, after Turkish warning

By Nathan Morley

The Iraqi prime minister said that any attempt by ‘foreign fighters’ to launch cross-border attacks on Turkey will be prevented by the Iraqi military.

Haider Al Abadi told Turkish officials he had ordered the army to establish full control of the national frontier, especially near Sinjar – a region of Iraq which borders Turkey.

Ankara’s intelligence chief will meet Iraqi officials to discuss the situation this week after claiming that the Kurdistan Workers Party – known as the PKK – is building a new base in Sinjar.

Turkish President Tayipp Erdogan said Turkey would do “what is necessary” if the Iraqi operation failed.

The PKK – which is considered an illegal terrorist movement by the Ankara government – has been conducting an insurgency against Turkey since 1984. They are demanding equal rights and Kurdish autonomy in Turkey.

In January, the Turkish military, along with the Free Syrian Army, launched ‘Operation Olive Branch’ in Syria’s Afrin region targeting the YPG, which Ankara views as an extension of the PKK.

The region fell to Turkish backed forces last week after Kurdish resistance dissolved.



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