Azerbaijan’s ex-military official does not rule out ‘Armenian involvement’ in assassination attempt on Israeli defense minister

Armenian involvement in the recent assassination attempt on Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is not to be ruled out, said Azerbaijan’s former deputy defense minister, retired Lieutenant-General Chingiz Mammadov, APAreports.

Six Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were recently arrested for planning to harm Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman in a terror attack, Jerusalem Online reported on Feb 18.

The terrorists plotted to make a bomb and plant it along the route that Lieberman’s convoy frequently travels. It was cleared that the detainees were members of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror cell.

Mammadov noted that developing Israeli-Azerbaijani relations, particularly in the military sphere, are met with serious concern in Armenia.

Armenian MPs are also disappointed by the recent statements Lieberman made expressing explicit support for Azerbaijan during a visit of an Armenian delegation to Israel. The fact that the assassination attempt was made right after the Armenian delegation’s unsuccessful visit to Israel raises suspicions that it had been planned well ahead of the visit,” he said.

The former military official stressed that Armenia’s criminal regime is constantly working with terrorist organizations, including anti-Israeli forces, to carry out assassinations and terrorist acts. As we know, this method is also noted in the charters of many Armenian organizations.

“The direct involvement of Armenians in terrorist acts and assassinations committed in Paris, Moscow, Istanbul and in many other places has been approved. It’s not ruled out that Armenians are directly involved in this terrorist act as well. One of the facts confirming this is that the Israeli parliament refused to recognize the so-called “Armenian genocide” despite the persistence of Armenia,” the former deputy defense minister added.

The U.S., European Union and several countries recognized the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror cell as a terrorist organization. The terror cell calls for destruction of Israel.



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