Assad’s forces, Hezbollah prepare for Iranian-Israeli confrontation in Syria

The Syrian regime and Hezbollah have begun military preparations in Quneitra’s countryside amid fears that Daraa and Quneitra will turn into an arena for an Israeli-Iranian confrontation.

Activists said regime forces and Hezbollah fighters stationed in several areas in Quneitra’s countryside are on security alert. They’ve been arming with heavy weapons and monitoring the area 20 kilometers off the borders with the Occupied Golan Heights.

According to analysts there are four possible scenarios. The first scenario, which is most likely, is that the Syrian regime and the opposition will reach some sort of reconciliation. The opposition will stay in the area as a guarantee to prevent Iran and Hezbollah from approaching the borders.

The second scenario is setting a de-escalation zone in south Syria while choosing a third party to supervise the monitoring checkpoints.

The third one is that the Syrian regime will control the entire area and Russia will play the role of the guarantor while UN peace troops return to the border area.

The last scenario would be a direct confrontation between Israel and Iran where the former launches airstrikes on regime forces and Iranian militias.



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