Algerians outraged after Iranian official criticizes late president’s wife

Iran’s cultural attaché to Algeria Amir Mousavi provoked Algerians after he criticized Anissa Boumediene, the widow of president Houari Boumediene, because of her support of the Iranian opposition.

“If Houari Boumediene were alive, what would he tell his wife who stood (with the opposition)?” Mousavi said on his Facebook page.

His remarks come after Anissa said during an Iranian gathering held in Paris that she wishes the Iranian regime collapses.

“I hope that the regime collapses and that a woman leads Iran. I hope this woman is Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran,” she said.

Mousavi’s statements outraged Algerians who took to social media to voice their anger against “his unacceptable interference in Algerian figures’ stance on Iran” and demanded expelling him from the country.



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