Yemeni army advances towards ending Taiz siege

Yemen’s legitimate forces continue to advance towards ending the siege of Taiz and cutting supply routes to the Houthi militia.

Colonel Abdelbaset al-Bahr, the spokesperson of the Taiz axis military command, said Yemeni army brigades taking part in the military operations launched on Thursday to liberate Taiz were aided by the Saudi-led coalition air force.

According to Bahr, operations were launched on the west, north and east fronts and have targeted militias’ posts and tanks.

He added that the army advanced in the area of al-Dabab, west and northwest of the city, and towards the Al-Hawban suburb in the northern and eastern fronts. Army forces also seized large part of Al-Waash Mountain in the northern party of the city where Houthi gunmen were stationed.

Houthis flee

Houthi members fled the area as the army advanced under the cover of the Saudi-led coalition’s air cover, Bahr said, adding that the army also seized control of several areas in al-Znouj and Al-Arbaeen street following battles that killed 14 Houthis and injured dozens others.

The Taiz axis military command noted in a statement that the Saudi-led coalition air force played a major role in inflicting losses on the Houthis as it accurately targeted their reinforcements and tanks.



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