Sudan: Egypt has no right to criticise our relations with Turkey

Sudanese Vice President Ibrahim Al-Senoussi has defended his country’s relations with Turkey saying Khartoum wants to protect its national security.

In an interview with Quds Press, Al-Senoussi said he was surprised that the Egyptian media had lashed out against Khartoum as well as some other parties that are affiliated with the UAE. “I believe that Egypt and the UAE are hostile to Sudan because they believe that it is part of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Al-Sennousi said, adding: “The Sudanese government, which is currently running the country, includes 78 political parties and 36 movements. Islamists are part of them, and they are all Sudanese.”

“We do not say this as a way of renouncing the Muslim Brotherhood, no one has the right to ask about our affiliations,” he said.

Al-Senoussi criticised the attacks which Sudan has come under after receiving Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Erdogan visited the whole world, including many Gulf countries, and no one has waged this fierce campaign against them. So why is it that when he visited Sudan we see such campaign?”

“We must remember that Erdogan is the head of a state that once governed the entire Arab world, and therefore Sudan has long historical relations with Turkey.”

“No one has the right to ask us about the bilateral agreements we signed with Turkey or with other countries. The Red Sea is full of regional and international military bases, so no one has the right to prevent us from protecting ourselves on our land?” he added.



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