Jordanian intelligence stops terrorist plot targeting public security

Jordan’s intelligence service foiled, on Monday, a major terrorist and sabotage scheme with a premeditated effort planned by a terrorist cell supporting ISIS organization during the month of November 2017.

According to the agency “Petra”, elements of the cell has planned to carry out a number of terrorist operations, simultaneously with the aim of destabilizing the national security in Jordan.

Early intelligence operations resulted in the arrest of 17 members involved in these operations and the seizure of weapons and materials that were to be used to carry out the terrorist attacks.

Investigations with the cell members revealed that this cell prepared complete strategies to carry out their plans, as well as initial inspections of these targets, setting up the mechanism to carry out the operations.

Among the most important targets of the terrorist cell (security and military centers, commercial centers, media stations, moderate clerics.

They have also planned to secure financial support for the implementation of their plans for the purchase of automatic weapons through the execution of robberies on a number of banks in the cities of Rusaifa and Zarqa and by stealing a number of vehicles, with the aim of selling them.

They intended as well to manufacture explosives using raw materials available on the market.

All the elements of the cell were transferred to the General Prosecutor of the State Security Court, who initiated the investigation.

They were charged of conspiracy to carry out terrorist acts, promoting the ideas of a terrorist group, engaging in terrorist acts, selling weapons and ammunition for use in terrorist attacks, supplying money to perform acts of terror, possession of weapons for use in terrorist acts.

The detained cell members will be referred to the State Security Court once the Prosecutor has completed the investigation proceedings.



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