Gargash: Qatar conspired against Saudi King Abdullah

UAE’s Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash has put out a series of tweets condemning the duality of Qatar’s political discourse.

“We have become used to the duality of the Qatari political discourse, which hosted al-Qaeda which bombed Iraq and supported Hamas and created warm relations with Israel,” he tweeted. “And they communicated with Saudi Arabia where they conspired against King Abdullah,” he wrote.

Gargash said that Qatar’s crisis cannot get better if it does not change its support for extremism, terrorism and conspire against its neighboring countries in the region. “The denial of Qatar’s support for extremism is merely a media tactic,” he said.

He added that before 1995, Qatar was a great neighboring country, but after that year, when Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad al-Thani deposed his father and became leader of the country, the beginning”of a clear downslope was apparent.

“It has become clear that the Qatari leadership is confused and does not want to fix the core of the problem. The solution is for them to change their ways that have negatively affected and isolated Qatar itself from its natural role in the region,” the minister said.

He added that the four countries that cut ties with Qatar (Egypt, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia) have stated clear demands under which peaceful negotiations can take place, to which Qatar did not abide.Gargash also said that sometimes the problem stems from “collective Qatari jealousy” and sometimes for their need to maintain their sovereignty.

Meanwhile in another tweet the UAE’s foreign minister also touched on the Yemen crisis saying that during a meeting with a UN delegation, a Houthi leader threatened to target international shipping in the Red Sea



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