Theodore Karasik: Saudi Arabia is under the threat of Houthi missiles and Iranian-supported militia

The other day, US Permanent Representative to UN showed remnants of the Iranian missile that was fired against International Airport of Riyadh. We remember that before American intervention in Iraq, Colin Powell had demonstrated vials with the samples of Iraq’s weapon of mass destruction, as he claimed in UN. We asked Theodore Karasik, Senior Advisor to Gulf State Analytics in Washington DC, this question.

Do you think that the demonstration of the missile’s remnants means a countdown for Tehran? Or is it just another phase of psychological pressure on the Iranian regime?

It’s clear that US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley made a very strong case for Iranian support for the Houthi missile program. Many pundits are comparing Haley’s comments to that of Colin Powell’s when he made his case to the UN regarding Iraqi nbc or weapons of mass destruction. The situation is different today than the Powell episode, because the forensic evidence is strong. In the past there was no forensic evidence because it is based on intelligence. Here with this missile we do actually have the forensic evidence to prove that Iran is behind the Houthi missile program.

Indeed the case is being made to go to war against Iran but not in a conventional sense wherein a new era of hybrid warfare and we should be watching for those occurrences soon.

Saudi Arabia is under the threat of  Houthi missiles and Iranian- supported militia targeting airports and palaces, Houthi missile production and launching must be stopped. Saudi Arabia is using diplomatic and military capabilities to show the region and the world the Houthi and Iranian threat.  Riyadh is trying to gather world opinion against Iran’s projects in the Arab world where the Houthis represent terrorism and extremism.  The more missiles fired by the Houthis the more likely other “clashes” will erupt between the two Islamic giants and their proxies.

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