Azerbaijanis’ protest in Boston against Armenian provocation

The annual show of Armenians, who celebrate so-called “Independence day of Nagorno Karabakh”, took place in Boston on December 2. The event was organized by the Eastern Division of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). At this show, representatives of the Armenian Lobby decided to reward several US lawmakers, who represent electoral districts with Armenian communities. The main guest of this show was Ed Markey, Senator of Massachusetts, a State, which is home for more than 70 thousands Armenians. Senator Markey was commended by ANCA for his service to Armenian lobby and Armenian National interests that contradict US interests.

According to Azertag, a protest action, organized by the Azerbaijani community of Boston, took place at the same time. Members of Azerbaijani and Turkish communities of Boston and its environs took part in the action. Evidences of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, statistics on the consequences of the occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan, absence of independence in the Armenian political course were submitted to the visitors and guests. The demonstrators were chanting slogans such as “Stop Armenian terror against Azerbaijan”, “No one and nothing will be forgotten”, “Armenia, get out of Azerbaijan!”, “No to a repetition of the Khojaly massacre!”, “Armenia expelled hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis from occupied Karabakh”, “Armenia is guilty of the ethnic cleansing”, “Shame on Armenia”, “Hands off the Azerbaijani territories!” etc. More than 30 people took part in the demonstration.

Despite the fact that Armenian lobbying organizations had been sending letters to legislators for weeks in order to lure them to this event, their efforts were to no avail. Azerbaijani network in US conducted a letter-writing campaign to inform legislators about Armenian aggression and encouraged Congress representatives to ignore calls of Armenian lobbying organizations that promote the puppet regime in USA and to condemn Armenia, whose policy does not correspond to the National interests of the USA.


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