Arab Coalition: Iranian weapons seized from Yemen’s Houthis

The Arab Coalition’s spokesman, Colonel Turki bin Saleh al-Maliki, announced in a press conference that weapons were seized from the Houthi militia that were provided to them by Iran.

Al-Maliki also revealed aerial photos showing a militiaman carrying a SAM-7 missile, who was targeted by Apache plane, the same plane that also targeted Houthi militia border posts.

He added that the Apache planes also destroyed military vehicles belonging to Houthis, as well as weapon depots and Houthi checkpoints. Al-Maliki also said that the areas where Houthi ballistic missiles are being kept have been located and destroyed.

The coalition and Yemeni army are specifically focusing on eliminating Houthi bases near the Saudi Arabian border, he added.

Al-Maliki also stressed the coalition’s humanitarian aid efforts through airdrops of aid in several parts of Yemen and the work of human rights organizations in Sanaa amid Houthi threats towards humanitarian workers.

The Arab Coalition has also distributed leaflets along with the Yemeni army to help those seeking safety, he said.



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