Al-Qaeda struggles to contain ISIS expansion near Syria stronghold

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (19:52) – The situation has turned sour for the al-Qaeda affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham extremist group when ISIS swiftly emerged a significant threat to the former in Hama’s northeastern countryside.

With dozens of villages under its new dominion, the terrorist group continues trying to advance on its former ally launching its latest attack on the Tleihan Hill axis. To their dismay this time, however, ISIS would not succeed in seizing control of the strategic hilltop losing seven men in the process.

An RPG round incrementally increased their losses when a targeted BMP vehicle was destroyed before the assaulting militants would turn their backs to the battlefields and retreat to friendly lines.

Whatever the future holds for the newly-forged ISIS enclave in eastern Hama, it becomes clear that the terrorist group becomes more emboldened and entrenched on the Hama-Idlib border with every passing day. Both the Syrian government and the SDF will encounter deep trouble attempting to expel the radicals from the region.




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