After liberation of Shabwa, Yemeni army moves into Bayda

The Yemeni army has announced the liberation of Numan directorate on Monday, the first of many in the al-Bayda governorate.

According to reports, the Yemeni forces, with the support of the Arab Coalition and Popular Resistance Forces, have also taken control of the Bihan district in the governorate of Shabwa.

A Yemeni military news website quoted field sources as saying that fierce exchange of fire happened between the army and the Popular Resistance Forces with the Houthi militia in the area bordering Bayda and Shabwa provinces.

These developments have taken place amid several collapses in the Houthi frontlines which comtinue to suffer severe losses.

Earlier on Sunday, the militia failed to launch a ballistic missile toward Yemeni army posts in the directorate of Nahm, east of Sanaa.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the rocket fired by the militia from al-Bayda fell in a nearby neighborhood.



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