10 Yemenis killed after Houthis fail to launch missile from Sanaa

At least 10 people were killed after Houthi militias failed to launch another missile toward liberated areas from their base camp Sanaa, with reports suggesting the rocket has landed into a populated area near the capital.

The failed launch came just a day after militias failed to fire a ballistic missile from al-Bayda on army posts in Maarib.

Earlier this month, reports suggested that the United States administration is setting up an open show of what it is proof that Iran is supplying Houthi militias in Yemen with missiles, as indicated by four US officials to the BBC.

Fars news agency, which is affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, said in November of last year that Houthi missile units pounded the Yemeni forces’ military positions in the capital city of Sanaa on Friday with the ballistic “Zalzal-2” missile.


Source   english.alarabiya.net

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