Lebanon: The last chapter in the Middle Eastern horror story

Ismail Okan

Researcher journalist based in Turkey


Middle East has been a burning region for decades. But Iraq, Syria and Yemen entered 21st century with strong demolitions. Last events show a new scenario for Lebanon.

Syrian regime, opposite fighters, terrorist organizations Al Qaeda, ISIS and PYD (Terrorist organization PKK’s Syrian arm) caused death to more than half a million people in Syria. Sadly that after the war, we will explore new mass graves and casualties, more tragic than we imagined. World leaders will claim about how sorry they are for this situation and they will promise for “never again”, as it was in Bosnia Herzegovina.

There is no place without a bomb left in Iraqi capital Baghdad after the American occupation. There are claims around the world about American lies about “nuclear weapons” for Iraq. Moreover, ISIS terror hits Iraq too. How was a terrorist organization created and used with all technological developments? And dangerous islamophobic discourses were derived by creators of ISIS terror.

After Iraqi occupation, global powers explored something about region and said, “we can use sects in our new wars”. Iran startet to represent Shiites and Saudis claimed they are “the head of Sunnis”. Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s pawns were activated. Both side wanted an easy control over their sects but they forgot about what is called for by Islam; “be united”. Yemen is only one of many clash areas in this chess game.


Except Turkish Government’s humanitarian aids to Yemeni people and some media companies, Turkish media ignored Saudi-led coalitian’s activities in Yemen because of Turkish-Saudi relations. Hundreds of civilians who were killed in clashes between Iran Houtis and Saudi were supporting Government forces. Some reports show cruel Saudi bombardments on Yemeni civilians.

Qatari crisis was “an alarm” for Turkish media to highlight Saudi attacks in Yemen. Turkey’s most important partner in the region was declared a scapegoat and Riyadh attitude was accepted in Turkey with anger. Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries one by one acted against Qatar, but Turkey backed its partner. Iran’s support for Qatar has brought these two countries together.

Qatar’s plans were ruined by Saudi Arabia and other powers. And forced agreements and economic embargo make it harder for this small gulf country.


Following reports and meetings were good for Syria. Russia, Iran and Turkey came to an agreement about safe zones and clashes substantially stopped. It bothered Washington because US’s terrorist ally PYD’s movement area was restricted. Iraqi Government’s attiude against Kurdish Regional Government and Iran’s support for Turkey against PKK terror threatened the American dream.

Israel also started to participate in the region’s activity. The Israeli side expressed a desire for a fresh start in their realions with Saudi Arabia. Against this background there were rumours about secret meetings between Israelis and Saudis. After that Israel expressed support for Erbil regarding its independence. In addition, Israeli airstrikes were speeded up against Iranian supported Hezbollah in Syria.


Lastly, some Houthi attacks from Yemen on Saudi Capital Riyadh were blocked. Saudi Arabia responded to this attack short time after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation. Hariri’s resignation took place in Riyadh and he claimed about threats of Hezbollah. But Hariri, didn’t return to Beirut after this resignation and this created confusion among people in the region.

Hezbollah and Lebanese authorities think Hariri’s resignation took place under pressure and he is being under the house arrest.

Sadly, Israel and US are playing their roles in this crisis too. More tragic is that by some reports, a Muslim country (Saudi Arabia) clearly wants attacks from Israel on another Muslim-populated country (Lebanon). Israeli military trainings at the border with Lebanon are only supporting these concerns.

Turkish experts draw attention to a new front of Saudi Arabia and US against Iran. This will be also a revenge for casulties in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. In addition, only Israel will benefit from a new clash in Lebanon. Also, everyone should understand clearly that Israel will hit not only Hezbollah in this war, as it was in Gaza.

I hope Lebanon will remain safe and will not be another victim in this bloody chess game. And I hope, the region’s so called Muslim leaders still remember what Islam orders them.

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