Azerbaijan marks 91 years of first radio broadcasting

The radio and television hosts mark professional holiday in Azerbaijan today.

Report informs, radio broadcasts started in Azerbaijan for the first time on November 6, 1926. “Danışır Bakı” (Baku speaks) was sounded from all loudspeakers across the streets and squares of Azerbaijani capital. This event was a great novelty at that time in the political and cultural life of the Azerbaijani people.

After establishment of the Azerbaijani Television, this date began to be celebrated not only as the day of radio, but also of television and radio broadcasting. Baku Television Studio was first broadcasted on February 14, 1956.

After Azerbaijan gained independence, major changes occurred in the television and radio space. Another innovation – transition to digital television broadcast took place in Baku, Sumgayit cities and Absheron peninsula in 2016.

At present, dozens of television and radio stations operate in the country. The audience of Azerbaijani TV is very wide. After gaining independence in Azerbaijan, the number of independent TV and radio companies has risen.

Currently, the number of public and private TV channels reach 10 in Baku. There are 12 TV channels operating in regions and 2 in Nakhchivan.



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