Heads up: The dry night in Dubai has CHANGED

The dry period in Dubai will last for one full day, and it’s just changed dates…

Islamic New Year falls this week, and with it typically comes another public holiday.

But remember this also means that there is a dry night in the UAE.

This was originally confirmed for Thursday September 21, but we’ve just had word from multiple outlets that the dry night has now changed to Wednesday September 20, to follow the same timing as Abu Dhabi.

So it looks like the dry night will now begin from sunset on Wednesday September 20 and will last until sunset on Thursday September 21. So actually the dry night is a dry day in the emirate.

So brunch fans, it looks like your Friday plans are back on.

We’re still waiting on the official confirmation for when the holiday will fall, but it’s now looking likely that it will be this Thursday September 21, as the dry night typically falls on the evening before the holiday, and the Islamic Affairs Department has just released a calendar that says the first day of Muharram will be on Thursday (and the first day of Muharram is the public holiday).

Several offices have already declared that this Thursday employees will be off. As soon as the holiday is officially confirmed, we’ll let you know.

Many of you will be very familiar with the concept of a dry day, but for those that aren’t, here’s how it works:

During a dry day, no alcohol is served across Dubai and the UAE. This applies to all outlets, including hotels. And although we can’t confirm a set time right now, typically this will mean you won’t be served alcoholic drinks on Friday September 22 until after 7pm.


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