Azerbaijani billionaire bought a table from Marmaris

Russian businessman Farkhad Akhmedov, who was born in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku and named as ‘Art Loft’, vacationed in South Aegean with his $ 115 million ‘Luna’ yacht, which he bought from his friend Abramovic. Akhmedov, his wife Tatyana Akhmedov and three children, accompanied by close friends. Akhmedov family and friends, anchored in Bodrum and Marmaris, stayed in area for about 10 days. Farkhad Akhmedov, last stop of turun, in Marmaris, Turkish art world has spoken a shopping spree. MARKETED Akhmedov, who traveled outside conservation army, bought a painting of a powerful painter Kadir Yilmaz, a 35-year-old Turkish painter whom he had liked to see and liked on internet, for $ 10,000. Akhmedov’s wife and captain said that y went to art gallery called ‘Mona Titti’ operated by Alexia Bahar Karabenli Yılmaz and Strong Kadir Yilmaz couple in Netsel Marina and made shopping. Tatyana Akhmedov examined painting ‘Existentialis’ on 1×1 meter ‘fish and existence’ in 2014, using Yilmaz’s acrylic paint and mix media technique and expressed his photographs and images. The next day, assistant captain of yacht said that he bought painting with Farhad Akhmedov’s credit card. Tablon was reported to be carrying a luggage with a large taxi. ‘HAPPY, GURUR DUYDUM’ The painter Yilmaz, who expressed great honor and pride in purchase of painting by famous collector, said: “A lot of painters want to present Akhmedov’s works to him, but he does not accept m because he joins collection, and his work, his liking, and even his purchase without bargaining is a sign of me and his importance to work.And art world started talking to us, ‘s addition to tablomi collection has also boosted my job enthusiasm, and now bar has risen for me, I must do better. ” Yilmaz also said that sale contributed to promotion of country. “I think Akhmedov’s tablomus will contribute to presentation of Netsel Marina, Marmaris and refore Turkey, and I am also very happy and honored for this”. Learn Forex Free With $ 100,000 Virtual Money and Study Guide! Year 2017 2nd Quarter Profit / Loss Ratio: 29% / 71% Tags: Farhad Akhmedov, painting, dollar, Bodrum, Marmaris, Azerbaijan



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