Saudi Arabian Airlines announced a new dress code policy for passengers

The national carrier of Saudi Arabia has warned passengers on the airline to cover up in new clothing policies.

The conservative country has issued new rules regarding what men and women can wear whilst travelling onboard.

Bodies will need to be covered up with arms and legs, in particular, needing to be hidden.

For any travellers who don’t abide by the rules, they could be refused to board or even removed from the flight.

The website for Saudi Arabian Airlines reads: “SAUDIA is requesting their guests to abide by a dress code where by they are not clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offence to others passengers.

“For example, women exposing legs or arms, or wearing too thin or too tight clothes.”

It also has rules for male passengers, as it states: “Men wearing shorts exposing legs” also applies.

The statement continues: “SAUDIA may refuse to transport passengers, or may remove passengers from the flight at any point for not complying with its dress code.”

Social media reactions to the announcement have been mixed.

Many were outraged at the policy being enforced.

Twitter user Shawn Fernando wrote: “This is not practical. Passengers have the freedom to choose, how he or she is going to cover up their bodies.”

Some thought it was at their own discretion.

Twitter user Imran Syed wrote: “Most airlines have a dress code and behaviour conduct.”

However many also believed it wouldn’t be enforced as strongly as could be suggested, with user Rod Pearson stating: “In my limited experience of flying to and from Saudi back In the 70s, most Saudi ladies took off their veils as soon as the plane took off.”

The news comes in light of the country wanting to coax tourists to visit the country by offering to relax some of its strict laws.

It hopes to become the next new holiday destination to bring more money into the region which has been hit by crashing oil prices.

The aim is to “bring about the next generation of tourists” by relaxing the country’s usually strict laws within the zone.


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