Russian embassy in Syria comes under attack

MOSCOW, August 2. /TASS/. The Russian embassy’s compound in Damascus came under mortar fire on Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary, adding that fortunately nobody was hurt.
“On August 2 the Russian embassy’s compound in Damascus came under a mortar attack from positions held by terrorist militants,” the Foreign Ministry said. “Two shells crashed on the premises of the Russian diplomatic mission and two others, just outside the perimeter fence.”

“Fortunately, there were no casualties and the material damage caused was minimal,” the Foreign Ministry added. “We resolutely condemn terrorist attacks against the Russian embassy in Damascus.”
The Foreign Ministry recalled that Russia had repeatedly drawn attention to the barbaric nature of shellings the terrorists regularly carry out against residential areas in Damascus and other densely populated Syrian cities to kill civilians, including women and children.
“We hope that the moral and ethical norms of our counterparts from the Western countries in the UN Security Council will allow for making a proper public evaluation of that criminal act,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “For our part we confirm that Russia’s fundamental and consistent policy towards an uncompromising struggle against terrorists in Syria will be continued.”


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