Kindergartens for pilgrims’ children to open in Makkah and Madinah

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education has launched seasonal kindergartens in Makkah and Madinah for the benefit of pilgrims who take their children to the holy places, local media reported.

The kindergartens will serve as safe educational institutions that take care of children between the ages of one and six, and protect them from overcrowding, possible loss and infection.

The opening of kindergartens will be subject to licensing requirements approved by the ministry. The children will be under kindergarten supervisors who are experts in special education and security, and who will be in charge of technical and administrative supervision to ensure the safety of the children.

The ministry explained that the curriculum applied in preschools and seasonal kindergartens are derived from the self-education curriculum followed in the field of education.

The ministry provides preschools and seasonal nurseries with medical clinics in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Medical care will be provided for children through health specialists throughout the child’s stay at the educational facility.

In its program, the ministry will provide transport services for mothers with their children, and female employees to facilitate their transportation to and from the nurseries.


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