Huge screen at Dubai Aquarium breaks Guinness records

Emaar Entertainment launches record-breaking addition, with 820-panel, flexible OLED screen

The world’s largest organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen fastened above the front facade of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at The Dubai Mall has been recognized by Guinness World Records, said Emaar Entertainment on Wednesday.
In a city known for breaking world records of all kinds, the new screen, said Emaar Entertainment, has broken records as “the largest and the highest resolution: Largest OLED screen, highest resolution video wall and largest high-definition video wall”.

Comprising over 820 flexible, OLED panels, allowing the screen to emit light without the need for backlighting, screen from LG is able to curve, mimicking the rolling waves of the ocean.
Maitha Al Dossary, chief executive officer of Emaar Entertainment, said: “Emaar Entertainment continues to push the boundaries and achieve greater highs through innovative installations and attractions. We’re committed to delivering the best in the industry and are honoured that the new OLED screen at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has received three Guinness World Records achievements, underpinning our commitment to pioneering innovative attractions, continued advancements in technology and digital attractions, and inspiring joy.”
Commenting on the record, Talal Omar, Guinness World Records’ country manager – MENA, said: “We are very excited that Emaar Entertainment and LG have set multiple records today with the Largest OLED screen, highest resolution video wall and largest high-definition video wall. The multiple records perfectly complement the advanced technology that we know Dubai is known for. Guinness World Records congratulates Emaar Entertainment and LG. We are proud that Guinness World Records was able to yet again provide a platform to recognise and share amazing moments, always eager to showcase these records, and give companies or individuals a chance to be a part of an ‘officially amazing’ experience.”
The record comes following the 2015 achievement by Emaar Entertainment, where Dubai Ice Rink and World Top DJ broke the Guinness World Records for the longest DJ relay.


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