Saudi Arabia rich kids redefine lavish and luxury – Photo

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Rich kids throughout the Middle East and North Africa have joined the global trend and have been flaunting their lavish lives and wealth via Instagram.

And the Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia didn’t want to be left out, of course. From snazzy luxury sports cars to exotic pets (which some Arab countries have been trying to crack down on) and even their guns, these Saudi kids live on another level.

The wheels …

While owning exotic pets has become a sort of status symbol in numerous Arab countries, governments and international organizations have been attempting to crack down on the practice.

Earlier this year, the UAE banned the sale and private ownership of exotic pets, such as cheetahs, tigers and lions. The penalty for illegally owning one of these animals in the UAE now ranges from 10,000 dirhams ($2,723) to 700,000 dirhams ($190,574). Kuwait also has a similar law.

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Публикация от RichKidsOfSaudi (@richkosaudi)


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