Man falls to his death, another gets arrested for rape in Dubai

A man jumped to his death while his friend was apprehended for raping a woman and stealing her money when her friends stormed into a flat to help her.

The 24-year-old Pakistani jobless man and his countryman friend were said to be heavily drunk when they went to a flat in Naif in January.

The Pakistani duo knocked on the door and when the woman answered, according to records, the men claimed to be policemen and forced their way into the flat.

They took out two long knives and asked the two women, who were present, to give them their money.

Then the 24-year-old man slid his hand into the bra of one of the females, took her Dh720 before he forced her to remove her dress and had sex with her at knifepoint.

His countryman took the other woman to another part of the flat and had sex with her.

Records said the women’s friends after learning about what was happening inside the flat rushed to help the women and save them.

The friends knocked on the door and shouted ‘police’ after which the Pakistani duo are believed to have rushed to the balcony to find a way to escape.

One of the men tried to climb down using the building’s water pipes before one of the pipes snapped and he fell down to his death.

Police were summoned to the flat immediately and the 24-year-old man was apprehended.

Prosecutors charged the 24-year-old suspect with posing as a policeman, molesting and raping a woman at knifepoint and stealing her cash and mobile.

“I was too drunk and I do not remember what happened or what I did,” the suspect argued when he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

The woman claimed to prosecutors that someone knocked on her door but she could not see who it was because the person outside put his finger on the magic eye.

“When I asked who had knocked, someone said police. I felt scared and answered the door quickly. Two men stormed in to the flat and flashed long knives and they closed the door. One of them put his hand in my bra and stole my money where I had kept it. Then he raped me at knifepoint … the two men then ran to the window when they heard those who had knocked on the door that they would call the police. The two men tried to climb down using the water pipes … one of them fell down and died but the other was arrested,” she testified to prosecutors.

A police sergeant claimed to prosecutors that the women alleged that the two intruders held a 20-cm-long knife each when they stormed into the flat.

“The raped woman claimed to me that the 24-year-old suspect raped her at knifepoint while the dead man took her friend to other bed … but she claimed she didn’t know what happened between them,” the sergeant testified to prosecutors.

The court will appoint a lawyer to defend the suspect when it reconvenes on August 1.


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