Daesh burns own senior member on disclosing death of Al-Baghdadi

A well-informed local source in Northwestern Iraq reported that ISIS has burned Abu Qatibeh alive on charges of implying the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the terrorist group’s ring leader, in his sermon on Friday Prayers in the town of Tal Afar.

(FNA) — The sources said that only a few hours after arresting Abu Qatibeh on charges of internal sedition, the terrorist group burnt him in front of tens of people in the Central part of Tal Afar.

“Abu Qatibeh, who was a close friend to al-Baghdadi, implicitly endorsed earlier revelations about the death of ISIS’s ring leader and cried for him in his Friday Prayers sermon, which raised several questions. ISIS kept mum on the issue at first, but later arrested him and executed him on charges of sedition,” the source went on to say.

Earlier today that ISIS militants stormed the house of Friday Prayers leader in the town of Tal Afar Abu Qatibeh and arrested him over his remarks about the fate of al-Baghdadi on Friday.

ISIS members laid siege on the house of Abu Qatibeh, who is a close friend to al-Baghdadi, and arrested him. Abu Qatibeh did not resist against arrest,” the source said.

“Abu Qatibeh’s arrest was done one day after he implied al-Baghdadi’s death, causing vast arguments among ISIS members about their leader’s fate,” the source went on to say.

The source went on to say that the ISIS has kept mum on the fate of Baghdadi and it has not thus far rejected his death in an airstrike in Syria a few weeks ago, adding that ISIS’s silence about the death of al-Baghdadi is perhaps related to the decision about his successor.

Source: en.alalam.ir

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