Bahraini airport staff was arrested – Photo

Surveillance cameras installed at the back of an airplane exposed two Bahrain International Airport staff members stealing from passengers’ luggage last week.

The two culprits were caught red-handed while stealing from the bags as surveillance cameras installed at the back of an Emirates Airlines plane recorded them. The airlines immediately reported the case to Bahrain International Airport Company, which notified the police.

Bahrain International Airport Police General Director announced in a statement issued last Wednesday that the two Asian men were arrested for opening passengers’ bags and stealing valuable items while loading them into the planes.

They were both sentenced by the Third Lower Criminal Court yesterday to six years of imprisonment and deportation.

According to court files, the 20 and 24 year old suspects would search passengers’ luggage for valuable items before loading them in the security inspection area.

“The airlines provided the company with 16 photos of the incident as conviction evidence. The culprits were searched and many mobile phone chargers, headsets, socks, sweets and packs of cigarettes were found in their possession,” prosecutors revealed.


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