Senate of USA approves expansion of sanctions against Russia over Syria

US Senate has supported sanctions against Russia for a variety of misdeeds, including the nation’s encroachment into Ukraine and aggressive actions in Syria, but primarily because of Russia’s interference in US election. This was reported by Washington Examiner.

According to the bill, the sanctions would target “corrupt” Russian individuals, such as those perpetuating human rights abuses or supplying weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Beyond that, the proposed restrictions will affect “key sectors of Russia’s economy”, including mining, metals, shipping and railways.

The document enshrines the existing sanctions into law. Sanctions, approved by the Congress and written in the law, are tougher and harder to lift compared to those imposed by the presidential decree. The document would also allow the Congress to block efforts of President Donald Trump to lift and ease the existing restrictions.

The new amendments were approved in Senate by the both parties. As it is expected, they will easily pass the voting in the House of Representatives, Trump is to sign the bill afterwards.


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