Russia: Israel attacked terrorists in Syria

Contrary to what the Israeli government explained, the Russian military command made it clear on Sunday that Tel Aviv”s air force destroyed terrorist targets on Syria”s Golan Heights, which is under Zionist occupation.

The Israeli planes destroyed positions from where cannon shots hit the Golan Heights, an action that Tel Aviv interpreted as an attack, the source added.

Therefore, instead of attacking Syrian forces, the Zionist aviation destroyed two tanks and a piece of artillery belonging to the terrorist movement Jabhat An Nusra, the Russian command said.

The source, which was quoted by RIA Novosti, noted that the Syrian army launched an offensive against terrorist groups that tried to occupy the Golan Heights.

On Saturday, Israel noted that the action by its aviation was aimed at positions of the Syrian army in response to the projectiles that hit the occupied zone in the Golan Heights.


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