Cristiano Ronaldo doppelganger emerges from Iran

Just months after Lionel Messi’s lookalike emerged in Iran, another doppelganger of a football star is making his own debut. This time, it’s someone who looks so much like Messi’s rival, Crisitiano Ronaldo.

A Ronaldo lookalike made a few voters do a double-take when he turned up to cast a vote in the Iranian presidential elections.

Reza Alireza, 22, Lou found himself surrounded by other voters in the polling station he was at last month by both men and women asking for photos and selfies.

A few weeks before that, another Iranian student had to face questions by the police because he looked exactly like Barcelona Messi.

Reza Parastesh from the western city of Hamedan went viral on social media recently after pictures surfaced of him on Twitter, with many saying he has an uncanny resembles to the Argentinian football star.


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