Abu Dhabi: Eight-year-old girl can bend it all

Nima Thajudheen is the butterfly girl. At the age of three, when most children would be gleefully engrossed in cartoons, this Abu Dhabi girl was busy trying yoga postures.

Now, at eight years, she can try almost all yoga asanas (postures) with ease. She can also bend her body and fingers, climb door frames, spin hoops around waist and neck; all thse while changing positions.

“I love to do yoga exercises,” Nima said while showing a few new postures at her flat.

Nima’s mother Shereefa said her daughter does all kind of poses – cat, dog, cobra, tree, boat, tree and all. The mother-daughter duo does not know the Sanskrit names of the exercises but knows in English.

“Nima got interested in yoga from early years. At 3, she began to try different postures on her own. It was then a friend showed her YouTube videos of yoga and she got interested,” Shereefa said.

Nima has also developed her own set of yoga postures. Shereefa said her daughter is very curious to learn new things.

“She will try out new forms of exercise. Even if she fails to do it correctly, she will continue to try and get it right,” Shereefa said.

Shereefa pointed out that apart from yoga craze, Nima also has the ability to bend all her fingers back to forearm and do the same with her toe fingers.

Nima said it was only recently that she tried her toe fingers and could easily make thumb, index, middle, ring and baby toes all touch her feet. “I don’t feel any pain. I just tried with thumb and found I could bend it all,” Nima said while bending all her fingers once by one and with a calm smile.

Nima is Grade 3 student of Model School Abu Dhabi.

She can also spin a hoop around her neck, waist while finding time to sit and then jump, and can also manages the effort on one leg.

She can also crawl up door frame and do stretching between linings.

“These are the things I have seen on YouTube and few things which have come naturally to me. I tried a few things and it worked,” Nima added and said to continue trying her experiments.

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Source: khaleejtimes.com

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