Water crisis worsens situation of Syrian Palestinians

The health situation of Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria has been exacerbated by an acute water crisis, a London-based NGO said.

Water supplies to the Palestinian refugee camp in the southwestern Daraa city have been cut off for more than 1,122 days running, the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria (AGPS) said in a statement.

The NGO said water supplies to the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus have also been cut off for 973 days.

The group documented the death of 195 Palestinians due to lack of medical care over the siege imposed by Syrian government forces on the camps.

According to UN figures, there are around 450,000 Palestinian refugees still in war-torn Syria, the vast majority of whom are in a dire need for medical care.

Established in 2012, AGPS monitors the situation of Palestinian refugees in war-ravaged Syria.

Source: aa.com.tr

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