Trump’s wife in Israel dressed for the occasion – Photos

The fashions worn by the wives of presidents of the United States have long attracted attention – even before the era of Jackie Kennedy, whose taste in clothes influenced more than a generation of American women Whereas Mrs. Kennedy was a walking advertisement for pure classics, Michele Obama was somewhat bolder in her choice of style and color, but was careful to steer clear of frippery.

And now we have Melania Trump, a statuesque former model with impeccable taste and a figure on which even a potato sack would look sophisticated.

But before we get around to ooh-ing and aah-ing over what Melania Trump wore on her first day in Israel, let’s look at what President Donald Trump, President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose to wear at Ben-Gurion Airport and beyond. They were united – as were Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, and America’s Ambassador to Israel David Friedman – in what might best be described as dignitary blue. That’s not quite navy, but not quite bright enough to be considered marine blue.

Where they differed was in their ties. Trump chose a striped white, gray and strawberry red tie, the bottom of which extended to well below the waist. Rivlin wore a patterned blue tie that reached to just below the waist. In Netanyahu’s case, his jacket was buttoned, so one couldn’t see the tail end of his bright cherry red tie that was almost the same color as the form-fitting, high-necked, long-sleeved dress worn by his wife, Sara.

Melania Trump arrived in Israel wearing a classic white suit with a pencil-slim skirt, split slightly in the front and topped by a broad-shouldered jacket, over which she wore a wide, white cinch belt. The cinch belt is apparently her signature mode. She wore a gold one over a black outfit when she arrived in Saudi Arabia.

The red of Sara Netanyahu’s dress clashed somewhat with that of the VIP carpet. Aside from the color, the dress was classically understated. Usually there is some kind of coordination between the dress of the hostess and that of the visitor. In this case, the coordination was in Melania Trump’s stunning footwear.

Her elegant spike-heeled shoes had been cunningly crafted in strips of red and white, with the red matching that of Sara Netanyahu’s dress. Nechama Rivlin seldom wears dresses, but on this occasion wore a gold-trimmed, high-necked loose-fitting, coffee-colored, maxi-length gown with matching sandals. Of the three women, Melania Trump was undoubtedly the fashion plate.

While waiting for the Trumps to show up for an intimate dinner, Sara Netanyahu – in a black cocktail dress with V-neckline, fitted waist and bouffant sleeves caught in a band at the elbow, could barely contain her excitement.

The prime minister also looked as if he was anticipating something special.

When the Trumps alighted from their car, it seemed that coordination was the name of the game. Both Trump and Netanyahu had changed their suits and ties. Both sported blue ties. In fact, Netanyahu had changed before going to meet Trump a little earlier at the King David Hotel.

Melania Trump wore a long evening gown that reached to just above the ankles, with the hemline finishing with a gentle lace flounce. Her gown also featured a fitted waist. The top of the gown had lace in the upper round-necked bodice and elbow length sleeves.

There appeared to be good chemistry between the two couples.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Trump, meanwhile, wore a decidedly modest, somber looking ensemble during the first day of her visit to Israel.

While Melania Trump wore white, Ivanka went with dark navy blue long-sleeve shirt and a below-the-knee pleated skirt. It was the height of modest fashion.

The Daily Mail reported that the skirt was a $959 item from designer Cedric Charlier.

From the moment she stepped off the plane, Ivanka was also wearing a navy fascinator atop her head – one of the most chic hair coverings for Orthodox women since the Duchess of Cambridge made them fashionable.

Ivanka kept the head covering on throughout the ceremony at Ben-Gurion Airport and while at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem. She then wore it during her Old City visit, including at a stop at the Western Wall, where observant Jewish women traditionally cover their hair.

Ivanka’s shoes were reportedly from her own designer line.

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