Syria’s Tabqa: Life returns to city after ISIS expulsion

The service committee of the Raqqa Civilian Council has started to reopen bakeries to provide food to the people of Tabqa city, in Syria’s northeastern Raqqa province.

Displaced civilians started to return to Tabqa after most of the city was liberated from ISIS militants.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured over 95 per cent of the city of Tabqa and yesterday severed the connection between Tabqa Dam and three neighbourhoods where heavy fighting is still going on–as the SDF-led operation for Tabqa entered its 48th day.

The recently estabslihred civilian council has reopened five bakeries in Tabqa, which sell one bag of bread for 150 Syrian pound. This is half of the price compared to the ISIS era in Tabqa.

Hassan Mohammed, a worker in the Al Hawz bakery, said that ISIS was selling the bread for high prices, “but after SDF arrived to the city and brought back the wheat stolen by ISIS, the Raqqa Civilian Council has reopened the ovens and bakeries to sell bread with half price.”

According to Jesper Söder, a Swedish volunteer with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), there are over 5,000 to 6,000 civilians still in three ISIS-controlled neighbourhoods in the city–where heavy fighting is ongoing. “We have limited ISIS resources and cannot provide all the people with food and water,” he told ARA News.

Therefore, Söder called on the international community to provide more aid to civilians that are fleeing ISIS.


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