Syrian FM supports the creation of peace zones

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al Moallem reaffirmed today his country”s support for the creation of peace zones to ”stop the bloodshed of the Syrian people.”

At a press conference, Al Moallem stressed that ‘Syria hopes that this memorandum will allow the separation between the opposition groups that signed the cease-fire and the former Al-Nusra Front and affiliated groups.’

We will continue the process of national reconciliation and the Government will welcome anyone who lay down the arms and surrenders, and reaffirmed negotiations in that direction in Damascus suburbs of Barzeh, Qaboun and Tishreen, and in the Palestinian Yarmuk camp.

Al Moallem stressed, though, that ‘there will be no presence of international forces under the auspices of the United Nations and explained that only the Russian military police will be deployed at certain checkpoints.’

In the meeting with the press, the Foreign Minister also discussed issues related to the elections in France, the situation in Jordan and stated that ‘we do not trust Turkey’s role since the outbreak of the crisis, as it was hostile to the interests of the Syrian people and has contributed to the Syrian bloodshed.


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