Shame on Merkel. She is in Saudi Arabia without a headscarf – Photo

Once again, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel – a powerful female Western leader – has arrived in Saudi Arabia sans headscarf … and her uncovered hair is the news story.

Earlier this month, British Prime Minister Theresa May had also made headlines for not wearing a headscarf on an official visit to Saudi Arabia. This also isn’t the first time Merkel has visited the kingdom without covering her hair.

While it’s a catchy headline for Western publications, it’s really not surprising or interesting.


Because Western female leaders routinely come to the kingdom without the headscarf.

Here’s Merkel this week …

The Independent …


The Mirror …


While some may cheer these women as somehow championing women’s rights by not wearing a piece of cloth over their hair, they’re actually just visiting the kingdom to negotiate trade deals and bilateral relations, which often include lots of military weapons.


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