Saudi Ivanka’s dad ready to go to USA to meet Trump’s Ivanka

Salim Al-Anzi, a Saudi citizen who named his newborn baby daughter Ivanka, said he was willing to travel to Washington to meet President Donald Trump’s daughter.

“I am quite willing to travel to the US with my daughter to meet Ivanka,” he said adding that his daughter looks very much like her.

Anzi said he wanted so much to meet Ivanka in Riyadh to take a photo with her but her tight schedule did not permit it.

He said he is very fond of President Trump’s daughter so he named his baby after her.

“I am still calling my daughter Ivanka though I have changed her name to Lama according to the Saudi laws and regulations,” he said.

In the birth certificate issued to him from the Maternity and Child hospital in Arar (Northern Province) his daughter was registered as Ivanka but he later changed her name so as not to break the Saudi laws.

According to informed sources, Ivanka was planning to send Anzi a message to thank him for naming his daughter after her.

“I named my daughter Ivanka out of my optimism of the improvement of the Saudi-American ties during Trump’s administration,” he said.

The sources said Ivanka was happy that a Saudi girl was named after her and said she would like to meet her if her circumstances had permitted.


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